Drying, Curing & Setting Chamber (Stenter)

Drying, Curing & Setting Chamber (Stenter)

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We offer a perfect machine for stretching or stentering fabrics. It offers excellent drying, curing and setting. The stenter machine is used to bring the length & width to predetermine dimensions. It is also great for heat setting and for applying finishing chemicals. The machine is well-designed to recover the uniform width of fabrics. Such machines are practical for drying, heat setting, chemical finishes, fixing of dyes, and controlling fabric width etc. Some major components of the stenter machine, are: Paders, Weft straightener, Burners, Heat recovery system, Attraction rollers, Winders, I.R., Cooling drums etc.  

Functions/Features of Drying, Curing & Setting Chamber (Stenter):

  •     Controlling the fabric width by adding/releasing tension
  •     To give some chemical finishes to the fabric  
  •     To control the moisture and shrinkage property of the fabric
  •     Curing treatments
  •     Fixing the dyes, drying the fabric, and heat setting of Thermoplastic material