Fastness Tester

Fastness Tester

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Fastness tester plays an essential role in the textile processing. It can be used to test color fastness or light fastness etc. of textiles and allied materials. And the fastness is an important factor in case of buyers' demand. The machine is utilized for textiles, genuine-synthetic leather, and related segments. There are various models for specific testing applications. Color fastness is the resistance of color to fade/bleed of a printed/dyed textile material. It is due to various influences like water, rubbing, light, washing, etc. Our fastness tester is developed for accuracy, ease of use and productivity. There are simple adjustments and dependable usage too.   

Some instances of Color Fastness Tests, are:

  •     Color fastness testing
  •     Light fastness testing
  •     Rub fastness testing
  •     Wash fastness testing

Factors for color fastness properties:

  •     Chemical nature of the fiber
  •     Molecular structure of dye molecule
  •     Amount of dye present in the fiber
  •     Conditions prevalent during exposure