Infra Red Heating Beaker Dyeing Machine

Infra Red Heating Beaker Dyeing Machine

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Our infrared heating beaker dyeing machine is easy to use and effective. It creates optimal dyeing conditions. IR radiation heating is outstanding for efficient heating of beakers. It is known to be energy efficient and environmental friendly. Without any contamination of beakers, here the working is clean. Also, there is no smoke, no bad smell or no pollution. With the help of infrared heating, more dyeing cycles are achievable. The IR beaker dyeing machine ensures reduced cleaning time and improved effects. It is a state-of-the-art dyeing technology. The machine is designed for fast and convenient use for labs.  

Features/Functions of IR dyeing machine:  

  • Produces very accurate lab sample dyeing
  • Re-producible results for diverse fibers  
  • Air cooling system for reduced operation cost  
  • Low energy consumption & accurate temperature control  
  • Latest IR heating technology for consistent heating for beakers
  • Seamless stainless steel beakers, easy to operate, clean & fast handling