Pre Processing Pad Dry Machine

Pre Processing Pad Dry Machine

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Our pre-processing pad-dry machine is designed for improved production capacity, and is perfect for assorted fabrics. The machine is appropriate for continuous pad dry process. It consists a vertical padding mangle, which is synchronous with a hot air drier. The high-efficiency drying machine is perfect for dyed / bleached knitwear, woven fabrics, etc. It enables drying of fabrics in short times, and with an excellent effect. Our fabric technology offers better results and excellent shape stability. There are various models for demanding textile production needs. Also, the machines are great for continuous process.


  •     Strong & sturdy modular construction
  •     Designed to achieve consistent results
  •     Easy operations and simple adjustments   
  •     Good moisture control & variable speed   
  •     Synchronization of padding mangle with drier
  •     Control for temperature, pressure, speed & overfeed