Soft Flow Dyeing Machines

Soft Flow Dyeing Machines

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Soft flow dyeing machine is essential in many textile processing lines. In this machine, water is utilized to keep the fabric in circulation. Here the fabric rope is kept circulating throughout entire processing cycle. Also, there is no stopping of fabric circulation for the fill & drain steps. The principle of machine working is very unique. There is an effective system for fresh water to get into the vessel.

There are 3 generic types of batch dyeing machine, in which: 

  •     Fabric is circulated
  •     Dye bath is circulated
  •     Bath as well as material is circulated  

Benefits of soft flow dyeing machine:

  •     Excellent savings in processing time
  •     Savings in water, around 50%
  •     Dedicated treatment   
  •     Effective separation of different streams, ensuring optimum heat recovery
  •     Low liquor ratio & reduced pollution
  •     Ideal for woven & knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics, polyester & blend fabrics etc.